Civil Partnerships update : a closer look at the stats

Gino Meriano takes a closer look at the Civil Partnership stats and figures

Well it’s that time to talk about Civil Partnerships, what’s hot and not around the UK plus the ever important top ten for 2008 and overall.

So without further ado let’s get to the facts

Civil Partnerships : the update

Some facts to get you going


  1. A total of 33,956 Civil Partnerships have taken place since the introduction on the 21st December 2005 till year end 2008


  1. 2008 : 53% were men and 47% were women (compared to a 60/40 split in favour of men last recorded) however it looks as if women are going to take over in 2009 onwards


  1. The London Borough of Westminster took 1st place in 2008 with Brighton and Hove following in second place


  1. In 2008, 11% of men and 21% of women forming a Civil Partnership had been in a previous Marriage or Civil partnership


  1. More women dissolved the Civil Partnership in 2008


  1. There were 180 Civil Partnership dissolutions granted in the UK in 2008, Of these, 154 in England, 12 in Wales, 14 in Scotland and none in Northern Ireland

The top ten is in and there are some changes to the line up, take a look

2008 Top Ten

  1. Westminster
  2. Brighton and Hove
  3. Kent
  4. Manchester
  5. Kensington and Chelsea
  6. Islington
  7. Edinburgh
  8. Hampshire
  9. Glasgow
  10. Essex


Overall Top Ten

  1. Brighton and Hove
  2. Westminster
  3. Kensington and Chelsea
  4. Kent
  5. Islington
  6. Edinburgh
  7. Manchester
  8. Hampshire
  9. Surrey
  10. Glasgow

Manchester has seen a great move up to 4th place and is proven to show continued success, including at this year’s forthcoming show where ticket sales have already matched last years event and we still have more time to go, set to make the North the hottest place to visit for the Gay Wedding Show in 2009

Surrey has dropped off the top ten list for 2008 but managed to hold on in the overall top ten at 9th place

Glasgow hits the top ten in 2008 and overall

 Kent moves up a place for 2008

 Cardiff show is now full, limited spaces left for Manchester and Brighton, are you booked in ?


About ginomeriano

Over the years I have delivered training programmes surrounding the Civil Partnership and Equality Act. I travelled around the UK working alongside the Registration Service preparing for the Civil Partnership Act and companies, public authorities on Equality and Diversity. I've consulted for many regional and local councils, police, national health service and businesses to name but a few. I have taken the next step in bringing innovative consultancy to a different level when approaching such a sensitive subject as the LGBT community in business and society. Coming from a marketing and events background and passionate about service delivery I launched alongside my marketing and web design company Choices which later merged with Exoro Ltd two new companies Pink Weddings and the Gay Wedding Show Ltd. Having worked for myself since 1998 I have seen many changes in the law that have had a true impact on how we as a society stand today. Since our research started in early 2000 we took the approach to launch dedicated websites for same sex couples and after a lot of research we finally launched Pink Weddings in September of 2003 and the Gay Wedding Show in November 2004. We have seen major changes in Law and it's time to embrace these new Acts, understand the impact they will have and how best you as a person, manager or organisation can adopt them without the fear factor. I have always been headstrong, full of passion with a firm belief that same-sex relationships should be recognised and fully accepted in society. The gay community should be considered as equal and that through the power of training, consulting and campaigning the community will be heard and true social acceptance will be achieved. I have been seen on a number of media channels and worked alongside many partners to help raise the profile of Equality and Diversity.
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